Deep words, audio episodes, a variety of niches, and a great amount of listenership- this is what podcasts are about, in a nutshell. However, if I ask you what is the one thing that you like the most about the podcast you are most obsessed about, there are pretty high chances you’d say the podcast host or the podcaster.

It is indeed true that the most popular podcasts have a major fanbase because the podcaster has a real knack for what he does and get people to subtly give answers. A good podcaster is much like the powers to Superman, there’d be no Superman if there were no powers- he will only be left with a suit that he will have no clue on how to don on.

If you’re looking to follow Podcasters that are making all the noise in the industry with something valuable to give your ears to listen to, below is a list of all the Podcasters that have gained worldwide recognition for their work and can bless your ears if you are into their niche.

Michael Barbaro

One of the most renowned American Journalists of all time, Michael Barbaro has gained a major part of his popularity as the host of The New York Times news podcast The Daily. Michael, who joined The Washington Post in 2002, worked as a reporter for three years before joining The NY Times.

He is now one of the front page influential celebrities whose voice appeals to the readers as companionable, congenial, and confiding. He won the duPont-Columbia University Award and has been raising the journalistic bar ever since he started, motivating a deluge of imitators to follow behind.

What Podcast to Listen to?

The Daily: In Barbaro’s reign, The Daily has become a rather conversational and intimate podcast that doesn’t just cover you up on news but brings you wits, humor, and energy the first thing in the morning. Bringing you the most up-to-date news and information from all around the world, The Daily has become the favorite show of Americans willing to start their morning with the perfect dose of news and humor.

Barbaro and his team on The Daily do a great job of covering headlines with nuance and details- all within a timeframe of thirty-something minutes. Instead of inky and cumbersome, The Daily with its star host Barbaro has become satirical and a buzzing podcast that keeps gaining followers over time.

Tiffany Reese

Tiffany Reese, based in Northern California is famously known as a Body-Positive Stylist and Podcaster who has been writing and authoring books, producing videos about letting go of the need for validation of others. She has been helping to change the viewpoint of life and steering it to an enlightening path that is flooded with positivity.

She, as a globally-acclaimed and looked-up-to Body-Positivity Stylist, teaches the audience and her fanbase how to let go of perfectionism and grow as a person in real life that is so much more than those quirky filters today’s generation seems to be so obsessed about.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Something Was Wrong: Tiffany Reese who writes, edits, and produces the podcast has done an excellent job at immersive storytelling that wins the hearts and has already achieved millions of listeners online. This Iris-Award Winning podcast is a must-listen if you or anyone around you has been handling a lot of toxicity lately. A rare podcast talking about ‘discovery, trauma and recovery’ from coercive control and relationships that you should far stay away from (any relationship that is synonymous with abuse whether physically or emotionally), will allow one to rise beyond the pain they have been willingly held onto for so long.

Joe Rogan

Having achieved much fame for raucous entertainment, Joseph James Rogan is an American Podcaster and MMA color commentator with pretty low key comedy skills. Rogan, unlike other podcast hosts, doesn’t represent a podcast model that you can necessarily follow if you want to grow in a field since he never asked for shoutouts, or followers or listeners- his light-hearted comedy and views has been making a lot of buzz in the industry without any traditional marketing.

He has also worked as a television host and actor while hosting shows such as Fear Factors. Talking about his stepping into the vertical of ‘comedy’ he started with it in the Boston area in August 1998 and has been managing pretty successful projects ever since.

What Podcast to Listen to?

The Joe Rogan Experience: Equal parts amusing and informative, this podcast is unambiguously a conduit to the Gaian mind. Opinions and discussions that are often digested hard by the audience, The Joe Rogan Experience is a show that brings different people together giving them a platform to learn more truths about life in a comic manner with laughs and thrills.

Kevin Roose

A well-known tech-columnist with the sheer curiosity to know about the internet and things like meme culture and ad microtargeting, Kevin Roose is the host of ‘Rabbit Hole’ a podcast that’s all about the Internet and technology.

He is a regular guest on the audaciously famous pod ‘The Daily’ amongst the many buzzing TV and radio shows. Kevin, more than a time man, is a skilled writer and speaker about automation, A.I, disinformation, ransomware, and cybersecurity in general, and most importantly digital wellness.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Rabbit Hole: A show that talks about technology and the internet worming its way towards national discourse, Rabbit Hole focuses on allowing individuals to understand where the Internet stops and the personality starts. Some people are so into social media and their opinion on it, that sometimes they are unable to fully understand what they truly believe in. Kevin Roose, in the Rabbit Hole, inundates with the good and the bad parts of being virtual while also talking about our reliance on the internet as a primary source of information from music to true crime.

Sarah Marshall

The WSJ’s social media editor for Europe Middle East and Africa, Marshall is a popular freelance journalist and podcast host who examines controversies and analyzes which have been greatly misunderstood by people. Her work has been published in BuzzFeed and multiple other magazines, however, before working for WSJ in December 2013, Sarah Marshall also reported on the innovations and digital sub-niches.

If you think this Sarah and the one in the movie, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ are the same people, you’re obviously wrong!

With a constantly growing fanbase, Marshall doesn’t back down from going against the misled public information to bring forth rational discussions and true analysis about people and situations painted in all the wrong colors.

What Podcast to Listen to?

You’re Wrong About: Co-hosted by Sarah and a fellow journalist Michael Hobbes, this podcast dives deep into socially impactful historical stories that have been greatly misinterpreted by people. The fearless tone of the podcast is what makes it really stand out against those that have been trying to gain followers through dubious and cheesy marketing techniques.

Each episode aims at making the individuals be a receptive audience that takes a genuine interest in understanding stories about maligned people, races, and tribes, especially women that were set up to fail by society. Listen as the second-best podcast by Times Magazine in 2019, You’re Wrong About is bona fide for people foraging for reality and a blow of truth right in the face.

Trevor Noah

Trevor is a South African comedian and podcast host who began his career in comedy in South Africa in 2002. He has nine nominations in his pocket with one Primetime Emmy Award that are proof enough that he is great at what he does, be it products, writing, acting, political commentating, or television hosting.

As a stand-up comedian, he gained immense success and later started appearing on American late-night talk shows. If that’s not enough, he also started appearing on English panel shows, later following to become the Senior International Correspondent for The Daily Show. If you’ve always pictured news podcasts to be monotonous and utterly pointless, Trevor Noah’s hosting and narration and the comedic theme of the podcast will definitely make you change your mind.

What Podcast to Listen to?

The Daily Show: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is part comedy and part news podcast (I am not sure what else to call it) that dissects and mocks many political ideologies, morals, and news. From jokes about sex and body parts to unbleeped curses, this is a news podcast that isn’t meant for everyone. However, starting your day with a dose of comedy into the news you listen to gives a sideway’s look at the past week’s news with celeb appearances and sketches.

Dave Ramsey

Ramsey is an outstandingly brilliant podcaster with truly valuable insights into investing and finance. If you’d like to give the thought of ‘money rolling out of skies’ a serious hit, Dave Ramsey and his knowledgeable talks are your clouds filled with money. He supports the debt snowball method that is supported by the Kellogg School of Management and his strong opposition to gossiping has led him to become one of the most loved and hated podcasters that talks about fat money.

What Podcast to Listen to?

The Dave Ramsey Show: The Dave Ramsey Show offers up straight talks on life and money with millions of listeners following Dave’s podcast and learning how to get out of debts, build a good fortune and take control of their money once and for all. The show opens with Baker Street in the background along with a catchy and promising introduction.

Dave prescribes a series of easy steps that helps to get you out of credit, according to Dave job closures are devastating to the local economies and lives of the people who depend on jobs to live. His insights and experience in the business and investing vertical makes the podcast one of the most buzzing ones in the investing industry.

Shankar Vedantam

The fearless American journalist with a thing or let’s say a million things for social science and culture’, Shankar Vedantam is also a writer who informs the public on social science issues. As NPR’s science correspondent, Shankar hosts the podcast, Hidden Brain, that reports on human behavior and the gazillion aspects related to it. Having been featured on some 250 public radio stations, the podcast has been a hit among people of all age groups and the credit goes to his unique researching skills and unusual analysis of human behavior.

What Podcast to listen to?

Hidden Brain: The podcast connects with people’s day to day experience by using scientific research, which makes people think about their own lives and the lives of their surrounding individuals in a sophisticated manner. Hidden Brain helps people to find deeper aspects of understanding human nature, shape our choices, and also direct our relationships.

Shankar Vedantam in his podcast makes complex scientific ideas easy to relate and understandable to the people, and the podcast has also introduced games that engage more listeners which is an effective and brilliant way to talk about serious topics without making ourselves necessarily serious.

Steven Crowder

For the goofball that Steven Crowder is, his storytelling and audio show hosting skills never fail to impress with offensively funny skits and common sense that doesn’t often go down well with the critics. Poignant and truthful at his job, Steven continues to fight the good fight through his podcast ‘Louder with Crowder’, opening up the mind of the audience to conservatism and hard truths of life.

The clever management of his show makes him one of the most deserving podcast hosts on the list that tamps down the hysteria around him and the podcast even though the show is mostly ‘never’ politically correct.

What Podcast to listen to?

Louder with Crowder: The podcast is both great and hilarious at the same time which brings you news, entertainment, and current affairs fused into one. Crowder speaks and provides the audience with plenty of evidentiary support to back up whatever he says, so they aren’t going ‘BOOH!’ on him. Louder with Crowder is a truthful, poignant, and incredibly funny show, Steven does a great job by talking about the issues of the day with respect, logic, and facts and it’s an ideal show that keeps you up to date with recent events combined with offensive comedy and guest interviews.

Andrew Tate

Although not much is known about Andrew, all we’ve known is that Andrew produces, edits, and narrates goose-bump worthy paranormal and horror stories on his podcast ‘Let’s Not Meet’. His pod and narration have been gaining immense appreciation from listeners and critics alike which has made him a really popular individual in the podcast industry. Though many of his listeners haven’t seen him, his voice is gripping enough to let them hold tight at the edge of their seats while they listen to the mind-numbing stories.

What Podcast to listen to?

Let’s Not Meet- An Anthology Of True Horror Stories: Let’s Not Meet is an anthology of terror and suspense with true horror stories that are sure to send chills down the nerves. Let’s Not Meet has a huge variety of stories with catchy titles and the equally immersive and scary storytelling has its listeners prefer not to listen to the podcast alone. Tate’s voice drones on and on without the unnecessary ‘umm and oh’ and he successfully manages to spice things up to bring quality to its listeners all around the world.

A person who can enjoy listening to other podcasts like Lore will surely get addicted to this show.

Bill Simmons

William John Simmons III, the founder of the sports and pop culture website The Ringer, is an American sports analyst, author, and podcaster. Bill Simmons gained popularity from his website “The Boston Sports Guy” and later also wrote on, simultaneously hosting his own podcast- The B.S.

Simmons is known all over the world for his unique writing style which is characterized by a mixture of sports, knowledge, pop culture reference, and some non-sports-related personal life, all of these written from the point of view of a passionate sports fan. His podcast, The Bill Simmons Podcast, is one of the most listened to and downloaded podcasts, that has now been relaunched on HBO- a mix of pop sports frenzy and enthusiasm, it’s the perfect ‘meal’ for a sports enigma.

What Podcast to listen to?

The Bill Simmons Podcast: It is the most loved and downloaded sports podcast of all time, and in addition, Bill’s energy and enthusiastic personality make it a great option if you are a sports fanatic. Though Bill’s a sports personality, he also shares his political opinions and talks about other relevant news and pop culture, not limiting his speaking skills to one genre alone.

The show has a rotating crew of celebs, athletes, and media staples, with these lively guests who care about sports but also keep the show energetic and fun. Bill’s excellent interviewing skills make the show go from drowsy to exhilarating in a span of seconds with the guests having something interesting to present to the audience whenever there are too many sports crammed into one place.

Terry Gross

Beginning her radio career in 1973 in New York, Terry Gross has been doing audio shows and podcasts for a period longer than the time since when podcasts came into fashion. Her low-key and probing interviewing style has won her much appraisal and ever since she joined NPR, she has interviewed thousands of guests with her impeccable talking skills that never seem to go wrong.

Terry hosts a podcast called Fresh Air where she brings up first-person accounts of people who suffered from serious trauma and although the vertical is extremely delicate to host a complete show on, Terry manages to do it with grace.

What Podcast to listen to?

Fresh Air: Fresh Air hosted by Terry Gross, is one of the most popular podcasts (sourced from WHYY that has won the Peabody Award) that features intimate conversations with today’s biggest luminaries. Falling under one of the more anxiety-inducing staples, Fresh Air is a show about the survivors of extreme trauma, narrating first account experience of what they suffered from.

Having such a sensitive topic on a podcast doesn’t seem to fail Gross’ aim to educate people and be more empathetic towards others. Terry Gross is a wonderful interviewer, with her soothing voice she can easily extract the awful details that need to be sensitively extracted for the listeners to understand the whole story.

Mark Levin

Mark Levin is an American radio personality, lawyer, and author who has seven books under his name and a New York’s best selling title on his batch. A lawyer and podcast? Conversational! Levin before his podcast ‘Mark Levin Podcast’ worked as the president of the Landmark Legal Foundation and a commentator to media outlets. His incendiary comments make his shows an interesting listen and his intellect is reflected through his wits and humor, giving him the bold and audacious personality that makes Mark Levin a suburb entertainer and talk show host.

What Podcast to listen to?

Mark Levin Podcast: Mark Levin hosts Mark Levin Podcast, he is one of the hottest property in Talk radio today and a leading author in the conservative political arena. Mark is an intellectual constitutional lawyer, being a super entertainer he facetiously characterizes the politicians who govern in ways that undermine the rule of law. The truth is spoken on this show and education is free here, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get that education. Mark’s show has gained huge popularity in a very short period of time and has become the most listened to radio Talk show hosts in the nation.

Conan O’Brien

He doesn’t require an introduction, given his fame as a talk show host, Conan Christopher O’Brien is an American comedian, writer, producer, television host, and podcaster, best known for hosting the Late Night with Conan O’Brien and as a writer worked for Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons.

Conan has a very spontaneous hosting style with awkward and self-deprecating humor. When David Letterman retired on May 20, 2015, Conan became the longest working late-night talk show host with his interviewing skills and outstanding humor.

What Podcast to listen to?

Conan O’ Brien Needs a Friend: Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a conventional comedy interview show, where O’Brien hangs out with the people he enjoys the most, to find some real friends along the way. Making a real and lasting friendship was never easy for Conan, despite thousands of interviews he was not able to make Friends in real and so he started the podcast to do so.

Being the longest-serving late-night talk show host in the business, O’Brien happens to be the most interesting player of the mainstream comedy games. The interestingness of the podcast not only depends on actual material but it is also typified by an immense weirdness and it also extends to a deft understanding of structures around him.

Renni EddoLodge

Reni, aged 31, is a British journalist and author who fearlessly talks about race and represents feminism on the right grounds. Having written for a range of publications such as NYT, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, Telegraph, and others, EdoLogde tackles themes of political blackness, sectioning of races, and feminism vigorously to allow some ‘color’ into the otherwise ‘color-blind’ eyes of racist and immorally political people.

She has authored ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race’ that picked much momentum and gained the reads of millions of readers for the genuinity in her narration and rebellion in her content. Where the book left off, started a podcast ‘About Race’ that continues to fight for BAME rights and bridge the gap between races.

What Podcast to Listen to?

About Race: Offering considered journalism, apart from interviews of celebutantes and dignitaries, EddoLodge presents a critique of what we call ‘structural racism’ in the excellent podcast About Us. From Own Jones to Billy Bragg, About Us has interviewed many luminaries that share EddoLodge’s views on ending racism and intersectionality.

Emily Morse

Emily Morse is a well-known sex therapist, author, and media personality who talks about sex in all its genuinity without a bleep or a filter. The host of the long-running podcast, Sex With Emily, she has also appeared as a recurring appearance on Miss Advised, a reality show in the Bravo Series. She has helped millions of people find the right solutions to their sex problems aiding their desire to maintain a healthy sexual life with longevity. Having been voted the top sex expert on DatingAdvice, com, she has time and time proved that she is worthy of the title as innumerable people keep seeking her help for all things that ring in harmony with sex and relationships.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Sex with Emily: Emily Morse, a “sexpert” provides answers to all queries and questions related to sex. Sex with Emily is sex centered, and sex-positive podcast, and the open and direct attitude of Emily makes the listeners feel comfortable. Working to bring the notion of ‘talking about sex in public and on the air is an offense’ to an end, Sex With Emily educates its listeners with non-judgmental advice, accessibility, and wits.

Kathryn Nicolai

The literal ‘architect’ of coziness and soothing, Kathryn Nicolai is a writer that weaves stories easing both the reader’s mind and soul. Having been a former yoga-instructor, and currently owning Ethos Yoga, Kathryn understands the importance of a good-night sleep without disruptions and her brain training techniques have allowed her to achieve this feat and build better sleeping habits over time. Kathryn Nicolai teaches the principles of mindfulness and doesn’t Bleakley state down points that can help you sleep- what this does for you is provide you with serenity and energy when you wake up the next morning, feeling motivated to get better every day.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Nothing Much Happens: As a podcast host of the extensively famous ‘Nothing Much Happens’, Nicolai has a voice so relaxing that other than her valuable insights and seamlessly beautiful storytelling techniques, you’d want to fall asleep to her voice and hers alone. The ‘sloth energy’ of the podcast has the readers tackle the most overwhelming of sleep issues including insomnia- the stories on the show are like blankets that wrap you cozily with the kind of content that puts your mind to ease, allowing you to sleep with a smile on your face.

Bill Gates

Pretty sure you have heard of this American business magnate but him and podcast? That seems surprising and interesting. Before we get to his podcast and his skills as a great host, Bill Gates is best known as the Co-Founder of Microsoft Corporation and an entrepreneur who pioneered and drove the microcomputer revolution in the right direction during the ’70s and ’80s.

As a podcast host of ‘Ask Big Questions’, Bill Gates talks about the biggest and the burning issues at hand that need to be talked about but seem to be somewhere lost between newspaper columns and pep talks. He asks questions that need asking the most and that has made his podcast one of the most looked-up-to talks shows on the Internet.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Ask Big Questions: Co-hosted by Rashida Jones and Bill Gates, Ask Big Questions is a podcast that tackles some of the most burning societal, environmental, and in short, all those issues that we need to be facing in today’s generation. The podcast doesn’t just ask questions like ‘Is it too late to solve climate change?’ or ‘Is inequality inevitable?’ but dives deep into the answers to give us an idea about what we can do to make the world a better place.

Sean Hayes

The Primetime Emmy Award Winner, Sean Patrick Hayes is a known actor, producer, and comedian famous for his productions such as Grimm, The Soul Man, and the Hollywood Game Night. If you’ve ever watched him on the screen, you will probably agree with the fact that Jack McFarland is the most iconic role he played on his NBC star show, Will and Grace. Sean has an organic hilarity to the shows he produces and talk shows he hosts that make him a beloved individual in the entertainment industry.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Smartness with Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes: Connecting people from all walks of life, SmartLess is a podcast that doesn’t just allow the guests to share their personal life experience but roast each other, keeping the conversation casual and entertaining. Each episode of SmartLess is a genuinely improvised and true and candid conversation between the hosts and interviewees filled with goofs and newfound knowledge. The podcast vibes and brims with fun and energy and the different voice and interviewing style of the three goofball podcasters keep the show fun and meaningful at the same time.

Bill Burr

An American Comedian from the North American Union, Burr is what a comedian should be like- loud, conversational, and downright sarcastic. Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, Burr has a loud Boston accent which makes his podcast all the entertaining. Having developed a style of uninformed logic, Burr has been in touch with (and also been made regular with) famous comedy-personalities such as Conan O’Brien and Fallon.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast: Bill Burr’s unmistakable sense of charm and swaggering across the stage with a puffed up chest, has made his podcast the most popular comedy podcasts on the web. The most elegant thing about Bill’s show is that it is a casual and free form show, which makes it a favorite choice of many individuals. Bill mostly rants on whatever is in the news and on his own opinions. Bill’s podcast has a stereotypical Boston attitude, it’s a very engaging, loud, and entertaining show.

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