Apart from the vintage U.K. vibes, the black umbrella, the thundering rain, and a whole lot of fancy raincoats, the U.K. is known for two more things – the accent and the fearless voices that rise and aim to change the world.

If you diffuse the two together, you get a podcaster that may either be funny, or sarcastic, satirical, may be an ideal or a great narrator. No matter what your genre is, if you get hooked to a British podcast whose podcast host has a knack for his job, you are sure to follow each word to the end of the show. Although originally started in the U.S, podcasts have spread their roots to the U.K. and now we see multiple podcasters with nonpareil storytelling and riveting narration win the world with their oratory and words.

Below is a list of 15 podcasters you need to follow in the U.K. if you are obsessed with podcasts, and even if not, you soon will be, when you tune into the podcasts of these podcast hosts that are sure to drive your soul.

The drool-worthy accent is just another bonus!

Tina Brown

Christiana Hambley Brown has been a journalist, magazine, editor, columnist, and the author of the Diana Chronicles, Princess of Wales, A Biography of Diana but she no longer holds merely British citizenship since Tina took the United States citizenship and today, she holds joint citizenship of both of the countries.

She has been legally titled by marriage and having become Tatler magazine’s editor in chief, she also incredibly rose to prominence in the industry of American media as the editor of Vanity Fair and the New Yorker as well and as an editor, Tina (Christina Hambley Brown) has also been awarded by George Polk Awards, National Magazine Awards and Overseas Press Club.

Christina was appointed a CBE as well (Commander of the order of the British empire) for the services to overseas journalism.

What Podcast to Listen to?

TBD with Tina Brown: Tina Brown is an inspirational personality, who can bring a special glimpse to the listeners from her interviews which seem like intimate and thoughtful conversations among friends. The quality and content which TBD brings for its listeners are top-notch; the TBD team can bring the most relevant and interesting topics and interview great personalities such as movie stars, biographers, social philosophers, and politicians, and all these when taken together is a fascinating cross-stitch of current culture.

Sophia Christina Amoruso

American businesswoman and the founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia has been considered as the world’s one of the richest self-made women in 2016 by leading business magazine, Forbes.

Nasty Gal is a retail store that can be seen full of everything, which a woman needs for her fashion. In accordance with Inc. Magazine, it was known as one of the fastest-growing companies in 2012.

Sophia undeniably gets us to feel that she has painstakingly worked to accomplish in life as much as possible. She is also believed to be the brain behind Girlboss Media (this is a company known for inspiring women to become the best version of themselves in terms of personal and professional life.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Girlboss: Just take a set with popcorn in your one hand and a soft drink in the other one since the host Sophia is here to take you on a beautiful and exhilarating journey where Sophia has true heart-to-heart conversations with women who made history.

This podcast is primarily known for completely honest and deep conversations about life such as building a successful career, expanding a business, hopping across adversity, and just letting go. If you want to be steered in the right direction, you can expect to be guided the best way possible through deep motivational tips, tricks, vulnerability, and humor as well.

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes has left a legacy behind since he is a keynote speaker as well as a lifestyle entrepreneur & high-performance coach. Also known as the New York Times best-selling author, a former professional football player, and currently, two-sport-all-American, Lewis is a national handball team athlete of the USA Men.

Lewis is a globally renowned podcaster of the show The School of Greatness with more than 100 Million Downloads and 1000 Episodes since the launch.

He has also been recognized by President Obama and the White House as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 and Details Magazine once called him one of the top 5 internet Gurus that can surely make you rich.

Lewis has also been featured in a number of major media outlets such as men’s health, Forbes, Ellen, The Today Show, The Newyork Times, People, Inc, Fast Company, ESPN, Sports Illustrated.

What Podcast to Listen to?

The School of Greatness: The School of Greatness hosted by New York Times best-selling author Lewis Howes, is an amazing show which shares the inspirational interviews of successful individuals which include renowned leaders in business, entertainment, sports, science, and literature. It is a great entertaining way to stay motivated, helping to unlock the inner greatness inside us, and live our best. Each episode is a thoughtful episode with inquisitive questions that help the listeners to learn something new about life and live their lives in a better way.

Niall Breslin

He is believed to be one of Ireland’s most formidable and inspiring mental health public speakers and advocates and also, a best-selling author, philanthropist, a former professional athlete, musician, and podcaster.

His years of experience are said to have informed his journey to becoming an organization and a leading figure for mindfulness. Niall works and also tends to share his expertise with a wide range of clients and audiences, including leading organizations such as Apple, Google, the European Parliament, and international NGOs.

He has a Masters’s Degree in Mindfulness-Based Interventions from the University College Dublin and Niall has also become an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Being the founder and creative director of the mental health advocacy charity, he contributed significantly to his own standing as a key figure in the evolving conversation based on the mental health of people.

His contributions to establishing this organization and driving its mission have led Niall to a lot of social entrepreneurship awards including illustrious awards such as The Google Impact Award, The Social Innovation Fund Award, Social Impact Ireland impact award.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Where is My Mind?: Where is my Mind? is an informative, insightful, and educational podcast where Niall Breslin talks about the impact that society has on people and how the stress level has increased in our life in which we are too busy, overwhelming, and out of balance. He talks about dealing with all these by introducing the basics.

The podcast is efficiently able to educate people on the power of the mind and how we can improve our well-being by implementing mindfulness and small changes in our day to day life. Niall has an incredible sense of humor and the podcaster can connect to the listeners by making the podcast personal, poetic, contemporary, and deeply moving.

David Walliams

David Edward Walliams, professionally known as David Walliams, is an actor, writer, English comedian, and a television personality. Apart from all this, he is also a brilliant author since with his books having been published in over 53 languages and more than 35 million copies have been sold throughout the world. He is also known as the biggest selling author of children’s books.

Having secured a contract with the publisher HarperCollins, he began to write children’s novels in 2008. Mr. Walliams was also described as the fastest-growing children’s author in the UK and many of his books have also been adapted into television films that he himself has appeared in such as Billionaire Boy, Gangsta Granny, Mr. Stink.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Marvelous Musical Podcast: Marvellous Musical Podcast is one of the greatest musical podcasts which is very educational, entertaining, and funny at the same time. In this kid’s friendly podcast hosted by David Walliams, horrible histories meet music’s greatest composers and the children are introduced to the wonderful world of classical music. Other than being extraordinarily funny and cheeky, each episode comes with a few quizzes that make the show more interesting. In the podcast, David talks about the fascinating stories of iconic composers of life with insightful storytelling and a bit of fun.

Adam Zmith

Adam, a former Social Editor and a journalist has received a London writers award for the year 2019-20 and if sources are to be believed, Adam is currently working on a collection of essays and his debut novel, Vanilla. Besides being a promiscuous writer, he has also produced short films, short stories and also co-written a stage show.

Adam is one of the producers and hosts of the Log Books, a podcast about LGBTQ history. His short stories have been published by Wasafiri, Ways of Falling, Cipher Press Magazine. Adam had been singled out for a Creative Futures Writers’ Award in 2019 and also for the StorySlam Live competition in 2012.

What Podcast to Listen to?

The Log Books: The Log Books aims to educate and entertain anyone interested, or experienced, in aviation through storytelling. Currently, episodes come out every other week, and feature stories from individuals with a wide range of aviation backgrounds. The stories are narrated with information about aviation, so even if you don’t know anything about flying, you can still enjoy the show!

Adam’s podcast is enjoyed thoroughly throughout the UK since it is totally endearing, touching, emotional, and heartbreaking as well.

Julia Davis

Julia Charlotte L. Davis, professionally known as Julia Davis, is a writer, director, English comedian as well as actress.

Julia is known for writing and starring in comedy shows such as BBC Three Comedy Nighty Night (2004–2005), The Comedies Hunderby (2012–2015), and also in Camping (2016), a show directed by Julia herself. She is an eight-time BAFTA TV award nominee and she also won the best comedy writing award for Hunderby in the year 2013. Julia Davis’ movie roles include the critically acclaimed Phantom Thread starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Love actually (2003), Cemetery Junction (2010).

She also created Sally4Ever in the year 2018, which won a British Academy Award for the best-scripted comedy.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Dear Joan & Jericha: Every woman who has ever come to the show has worked in the fields of sports journalism, psycho-genital counseling, female sexual health, life coaching. Julia and the co-host Vicki Pepperdine take their listeners on a ride filled with filthy comedy and satirical humor. Two unspoken ‘agony aunts’ bring their listeners’ candid conversations on sex and well, sex in a witty and ironic narration that makes the podcast semi-spontaneous and cringe-comical simultaneously.

Jacob Hawley

A performer, writer, and stand-up comedian based in London, Jacom Hawley hopped in the industry in 2014 and has never looked back since. From writing and starring in shorts for BBC3 to becoming a finalist of BBC New Comedy Awards, Jacob has done it all. Hawley has also done a show named Howl and it was received well by the audience.

What Podcast to Listen to?

On Drugs: On Drugs is an interesting, thoughtful, insightful, and informative, probably every ingredient that a successful podcast needs. The best thing about On Drugs is that it’s more about getting to the root cause of drug abuse and addiction, how drugs influence our lives and culture positively or negatively. The On Drugs podcast helps to think about the human relationship to drugs uniquely and it is a more practical based podcast on addiction. It is a very conversational podcast that connects well with the listeners and it covers a different aspect of drug addiction, draws on social constructs, politics, overt, and implicit racism in our society.

Deborah Frances

Deborah Frances-White is a passionate podcaster, stand-up comedian, speaker, and screenwriter. As the successful and career-oriented woman that she is, Deborah has also starred in Have I Got News For You. The writer of the Hollywood movie called Say My Name, Deborah is based in London and she is also the voice behind the incredible feminism-related podcast called The Guilty Feminist. Apart from that, Frances has also delivered numerous corporate seminars on different subjects such as charisma, inclusion, and diversity as a speaker.

What Podcast to Listen to?

The Guilty Feminist: The Guilty Feminist is a hilarious feminist comedy hosted by Deborah Frances-White, where the guests discuss and talk on interesting topics related to feminism and the podcast is recorded in front of a live audience. The interviewees talk about their fears, hypocrisies surrounding society, their personal hesitations, and what they are most insecure about in a candid manner.

Dolly Alderton

The author of the beautiful memoir named Everything I Know About Love, and a journalist as well as a podcast host, Dolly Alderton is a woman with multiple talents. Her memoir is not only a must-read but it is also the recipient of the National Book Award along with being the best-selling book of the Sunday Times. Dolly works as a freelance writer and she has written for several high-profile magazines and papers like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, GQ, The Evening Standard, Elle, Spectator, Man Repeller, and Marie Claire among several others. Her achievements are many, and Alderton is simply moving upwards.

What Podcast to Listen to?

The High Low: The High Low hosted by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, is a pop-culture and news podcast that peaked at number two in the UK iTunes chart in its first month of existence. The High Low successfully charmed its listeners across the world, with the hard-hitting cultural happenings and news in an extremely digestible way. Every week the hosts come with fantastic recommendations in the form of books, journalism, and more with the intelligent, sensitive discussion on pop culture, lifestyle questions, books, and TV programs. The podcast makes the listeners’ way through the backlogs, and eaves a feeling of being a bit smart and a smile on the listeners’ faces.

Susie Dent

A well-known Etymologist, English lexicographer, and media personality, Susie Dent has made more than 2500 appearances in Countdown shows. In 2016, she was offered the vice-president’s Honorary position for the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). She has presented the organization well, and her remarkable contribution has received many accolades.

Susie Dent is best known for her performance in Countdown. She has been commentating about the origin of a particular phrase or word and is also the longest-serving member for the series, working since 1992.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Something Rhymes With Purple: Susie Dent, along with Gyle Brandreth, launched her Podcast in 2019. The Podcast is majorly about the world of words and languages. It is about the meanings, insights, and origins of the words and languages. Every week they dig deep into any topic and offer words of the week, fascinating facts, insights, and various quirky anecdotes. The series is available on most podcast platforms and is the winner of one of the British Podcast Awards as the Best Entertainment Podcast.

Michael Coates

A former soldier and firefighter Michael Coates have led many security programs for organizations like Mozilla and Twitter. He has worked with many organizations in security divisions and protected their databases, infrastructure, and web applications. Based in San Francisco Michael Coates, has spent six years working as a security practitioner, compromising, securing, and assessing the networks and applications for government, enterprises, and banks worldwide.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Declassified – Documenting Military Stories: The Declassified podcast is best known for documenting amazing stories of the military community members. The guest here includes athletes, Military Cross winners, and partners who have served the country as high ranking commanders and veterans who have achieved extraordinary experiences.

Through his Podcast, Michael Coates delves into perceptions and stigmas around wellbeing and mental fitness and talks in-depth about the subjects like post-traumatic growth, human development on micro levels, etc. The vision behind launching the podcast is to provide guidance, hope, help, and support for individuals suffering from any physical and mental injury or illness. Because of their exceptional work for the military community, the Declassified podcast is awarded Best Podcast awards 2020 as the third-best wellbeing podcast and best interview podcast.

Miranda York

The woman who once said “Drawing inspiration from your own experiences can elevate a piece but it’s far too easy to romanticize food memories. Remember that food has a darker side-it’s not just madeleine moments”, Miranda York is a woman who believes that there is a magical connection between food and the stories that we love to talk about- it brings people together.

After she left the university, she found herself working in an Indie food magazine but she soon became engrossed in the food industry. She eventually became the editor of Food Almanac, a book that caters to the love of food, poetry, essays, and recipes.

What Podcast to Listen to?

At the Table: Mouth-watering dishes, famous restaurants, and a nice talk are what the podcast “At the Table” is all about. The sweet voices behind it are Miranda York and Anna Sulan Massing.

This podcast revolves around the stories, ideas, and emotions of the people behind the food we love to eat. It became a platform for chefs, food writers, critiques as they enlighten us on the different food and the stories behind it. Remember the animated movie “Ratatouille” where the food critique upon taking a bite of ratatouille had reminisced his past as a young peasant boy that always found comfort and love when eating that food? The show is somewhat a representation of that feeling. Miranda believes that the podcast “At the Table” is all about connecting food to the world.

Jamie Wareham

A voice behind gender sensitivity, he hosts “Queer AF’, wherein it caters to the inspiring stories, rights of the students in the LGBTQ+ community. The whispering and reluctant voice of the LGBTQI+ has been heard through this award-winning podcaster who is not only currently working as a contributor of the Forbes Magazine but also as the Head of the Digital Production in Attitude Magazine.

His advocacy towards gender sensitivity and the rights of people with disabilities either be physical, visible, or hidden disability could be traced back to his early childhood memories. Early experiences in his town Basingstoke, UK had taught him that being gay is not easy to be understood and accepted by society. This had made him be passionate about the cause and rights of the LGBTQ+. It became his crusade to let the young queer understand and accept that being a queer is not a disability or something that they should be ashamed of.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Queer AF: Understanding the power of social media and technology, Queer AF utilizes these as tools to make the people be awakened to the sad plight, experiences, and struggles of the young queer. Jamie’s podcast ‘Queer AF” became his channel to raise the consciousness of the people about the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. His quest was recognized when he was an awardee of the UK Radio Academy 30 under 30 list in 2019 and eventually featured in Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2020. As of today, Queer AF is a podcast that is listened to by millions of fans from all corners of the globe who show much love and support both to the podcast and the podcaster.

Steve Waters

The British Playwright, Steve Waters was born in Coventry, UK. He has worked as a writer for radio, screen, and stage shows. He is best described as “UK’s most accomplished political playwrights”. His work in the field of copywriting is commendable and has worked for many organizations for new playwrights. Steve Waters has worked for universities in the creative writing and playwriting domain. His academic contribution will be quite helpful for coming generations as they can learn about copywriting through his essays, books, and articles.

What Podcast to Listen to?

Fall of the Shah: The drama portrays real-life events of Iran, which occurred 40 years ago. A revolution in Iran that shook the world. The podcast does track the events around the Shah of Iran and the rising of a forceful Islamic republic. The eventful drama is dictated from various perspectives, the bloody streets of Tehran, Inside the royal circle, American Embassy confused reactions and the tortuous prisons.

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