Times have changed and India has evolved in ways one could never imagine. From social media, values, culture, and style, to catch up on trends, creating new platforms, and hopping onto the latest trends, India is changing like those transition videos that we come across. Could I talk in a way that was more relatable?

Talking about podcasts, Indians have been introduced to this comparatively new concept and we have truly fallen in love with it. Gossip, everything about Bollywood and celebrities, stand-up comedies, short stories, travel, lifestyle, dating, education, culture, and more, you name the topic and you’ll find several incredible Indian podcasts that revolve around it.

If you are new to this concept, let me pause and help you out here. A podcast is basically an interview or an audio show that talks about different topics in a very engaging manner. You can listen to a podcast and enjoy it just the way you listen to music. In a mood to listen to something light and fun? Play a comedy podcast. Is that curious and typical gossipy side of yours in the limelight today? Play a Bollywood news related podcast and let the gup sink in while you sip your tea. Need motivation or direction in life? Go for motivational podcasts. Need help with finance? You know the drill! And the list goes on…! So you get the gist, right?

The major platforms where you’ll find amazing podcasts in India include iTunes, Gaana, Google Podcast App, Spotify, Alexa, Saavn, Stitcher, and several others.

You’re still a little confused, aren’t you? I’m sure, because the post says top-20 podcasters and I’m only talking about podcasts here. Well, hold your horses, just yet; I’m getting there! Imagine watching a movie, you see the result on the screen, but the essence of the movie comes from those who work behind the cameras and act in it.

It would be nothing if it was just a storyline. Likewise, a podcast would be a boring storyline without a podcaster who puts that spark in it. A podcaster is the one who enthuses life into the podcast, and the is the reason why I’m here? To put the podcasters into the limelight. Because they are the real heroes, right?

Let’s get started with the top-20 podcasters you need to follow in India.

1. Dr. Shyam Bhat

Kick-starting the list with a psychiatrist of integrative medicine, and a physician in India, Dr. Shyam Bhat is not your regular guy, and definitely stands out from the crowd. Dr. Shyam is also a writer who is full of knowledge and wisdom. Known as the pioneer of holistic psychiatry and Integrative Medicine in India, Dr. Shyam Bhat holds American Board certifications in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. Not only that, but he is also certified in Psychosomatic Medicine. Feeling overwhelmed?

That’s not all, and Dr. Bhat also has several ventures that relate to his field of expertise. He also talks about leadership development, stress management, and work-life balance among various other topics that revolve around the wellness of one’s body and mind.

Dr. Bhat is also a recipient of the Norris Brookens Award, Live Love Laugh Foundation’s trustee, and the author of How to heal your broken heart: A psychiatrist’s guide to dealing with heartbreak.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

State Of Mind: A weekly podcast that goes on to explore different areas of the Indian mind, State Of Mind is a podcast that is hosted by Dr. Shyam Bhat where he touches upon numerous topics including changes occurring in India, mental health, how culture and society impacts one’s mind, pop culture, news, and much more.

2. Sundeep Rao

A stand-up comedian who has the ability to dis everyone around him along with himself, Sundeep Rao is a simple human who is a package full of fun. From his observations to opinions, Rao has an uncanny personality with a hint of wit that easily wins over people. With more than 600 performances in Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore, Delhi, New York, Edinburgh, and several other places of the world, Sundeep sweeps the hearts of his audience wherever he goes and he makes sure to woo them using his wit and style. From award ceremonies, and international summits, to events, and comedy specials Rao has won everyone around him with comedy that makes your eyes water and tickles your ribs.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

The BabyBed: Go on a laughing spree with host Sundeep Rao as he discusses topics that the Indian audience truly cares about. The BabyBed is a podcast that will become the weekly dose of those who love a good laugh. Join Sandeep while he gives you his two bits on what’s going on in India and across the globe, what is the ongoing status of middle-class people, how we evolve and much more.

3. Kritarth Srinivasan

Another stand-up comedian who is based in Bengaluru, Kritarth Srinivasan has been in the industry for more than 8 years and in his 8-year long journey, he has given over 1000 incredible performances. From major cities in India including Mumbai, and Delhi to international shows in New York, Singapore, San Francisco, and several other places, Kritarth has left a mark of his comedy wherever he’s been. Srinivasan has a very relatable, clean, witty, and simple style in terms of comedy.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Walks Of Life: Walks Of Life is a podcast where host and comedian Kritarth Srinivasan rules the floor while he talks about things that excite him. Kritarth gets excited about unique things and hence, he talks to people who have cool and unique professions. From how they got into the profession, to talking about various other things they did in life, Srinivasan takes you through their walks of life in his show that is legit ‘Walks Of Life’.

4. Kritika Khurana

A fun-loving girl with a jolly personality and style that will blow your mind, Kritika Khurana is all about fashion, style, and all things creative. Kritika is a Fashion Blogger and a famous personality who is popularly known as Thatbohogirl on several social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube. From giving fashion advice, and creating unique videos, to making blogs that act as a sneak peek into her world, Kritika is a role model for millions of girls in India and she definitely knows how to grab everyone’s attention with her boho style.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Unkut Kritika: There is a saying that there is more to what meets the eye. This perfectly fits Kritika as she is not your basic Fashion Blogger; the woman is also the voice behind Unkut Kritika which is a podcast where Ms. Khurana talks about self-love, motivation, and adulting 101 to her audience in a very relatable manner,  Unkut Kritika is perfect for those who like advice from a familiar voice in a very natural and caring way.

5. Saif Omar

A guy who was a part of the financial services and software services industry left a boring life and turned it into history as he moved from the USA to India and hopped into the family business. Saif Omar loves everything about travel, and he is also into baking. A surprising addition to his interests is that Omar is also into crafting hand-made organic soaps. He is an amateur traveller and he explores different places with a backpack in one hand and his wife, Faiza’s hand in the other.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

The Musafir Stories: An audio podcast which is hosted by this beautiful couple, Saif and Faiza, The Musafir Stories is where these travel junkies talk about different travel destinations in India, exploring the country and it’s beautiful heritage, learning about different cultures and practices, and everything else. From deserts to hills, beaches, and rainforests, India is filled with incredible destinations, and the hosts ensure that you get on board with this amazing experience with them. Travel tricks, secrets, hacks, and itinerary, the hosts talk about everything and I’m sure that the podcast will turn you into a pro traveller, all while you’re sitting at home.

6. Anupama Chopra

Being the MIAMI Mumbai film festival director, Anupama Chopra is a famous film critic, journalist, and author. She has been a writer for Bollywood since 1993, and her work has made its place in Vogue, Hindustan Times, The New York Times, and The Los Angele Times. In 2014, she founded Film companion as one of the pan-India platforms as an entertainment company. The venture recently showcases the interviews, masterclasses, reviews, features, and web series.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Interviews with Anupama: Anupama Chopra podcast interviews celebrities and gets deep insights about their cinematic experience. The interviews showcase the celebrities’ journey to reach their career, the challenges they face, and how the process of movie-making progresses. Her presence in the industry is for more than 20 years, and she is well-versed with the movie-making process and challenges, and she portrays them very well in her podcast interviews.

7. Nikesh Murali

One of India’s famous story weaver, Nikhil Murali, is a professional voice actor and the Commonwealth short story prize winner. He was also selected for Audible Suno to create original shows and the best creative talents hailing from India like Farhan Akhtar, Anil Kapoor, Anurag Kashyap, etc. Nikhil Murali moved to Australia as a student for Analyst and worked for the government for over a decade. Right now, he works as a policy advisor and resides in Sydney.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Indian Noir: Launched in 2018, the Indian Noir comprises stories and offers a theatrical experience to its audience. The podcast’s tales are best described as “horror, fantasy, fast-paced and edge-on-your-seat-stories” from India. The podcast is a blockbuster and has received excellent ratings on many web platforms like Gana, JioSaavan, etc. Indian Noir stories unfold in just four to seven minutes and are well written to allow the audience to be left mesmerized post watching the show.

8. Sameer Goswami

Hailing from Chatarpur, Sameer Goswami is one of the storytellers who didn’t come to any metro city to prove his talent but has taken significant steps to demonstrate their passion for storytelling masses. He started his career in 1994 as a computer repair service provider and joined All India Radio in 2004 as an On-air Announcer. Gaining experience added up when he launched his “Kahani Suno” in 2015. Through his podcast and shows, he has become a renowned name in the industry, and he claims to create more soulful stories to reach out to the audiences.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Kahani Suno: The narration of old takes by Sameer Goswami is impeccable in his podcast. He has brought life to the Premchand Stories, Chandrakanta, and many others through his podcast. It has already launched more than 200 episodes and many more to go. His voice doesn’t require much modulation and can keep the audience to his seat for hours listening to stories.

9. Kalki Koechlin

A writer and an actress, Kalki Koechlin is best-known for the unconventional roles that she plays in Bollywood films. Kalki has been garnered with love from the Indian audience and she is the recipient of several prestigious awards like Filmfare Award, Screen Awards, and a National Film Award, among others. Kalki has spent most of her life in India, but the incredible woman is actually a French citizen.

Some of Kalki’s jaw-dropping portrayals can be seen in films like Dev.D, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, That Girl in Yellow Boots, and Gully Boy, among several others. Koechlin also drew a lot of love and attention as she gave impeccable performances in Sacred Games and Made in Heaven. Apart from acting and writing, Kalki is an activist and she promotes numerous causes that go from woman empowerment, health, and gender equality, to education, and others.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

My Indian Life: A podcast where Kalki Koechlin explores the life of the youth of India in the 21st century, My Indian Life is a podcast where Kalki talks about uplifting and raw stories that open one’s perspective to different views and give you a different pair of eyes to look at the world in an unusual, yet mesmerizing way.

10. Kunal Kamra

A famous Indian stand-up comedian, Kunal Kamra is popular for his observational comedy, his jokes revolving around the bachelor life, stupid television advertisements, and politics. Attend one of Kunal’s shows and I promise you that you will leave the room with a belly ache because of all that continuous laughing.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Shut Up With Kunal Kamra: For those who love incredible and fearless and incisive comedy, Shut Up With Kunal Kamra is a podcast that you can listen to while travelling or when you are sitting at home and getting bored. The podcast revolves around political comedy and it is popular among those who love witty humour and take deep interest in politics as well.

11. Ranveer Allahbadia

Does Ranveer Really need an introduction? Popularly known as BeerBiceps across all the social media platforms, Ranveer Allahbadia is one of India’s best influencers who inspires others to be the best of themselves. Ranveer hit it off in the industry after he published his weight loss and fitness journey on YouTube which became a hit among the Indian millennials. BeerBiceps went on to become one of India’s most popular fitness channels on YouTube and Ranveer never looked back since.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

The Ranveer Show: Your daily dose of motivation, The Ranveer Show is a podcast where Ranveer sits with guests and takes you on a journey where he discusses success stories, failures, struggles, and then talks about self-improvement. Each episode of The Ranveer Show is created in a way that it adds value to your life.

Be it health, lifestyle, career advice, or inspiration and motivation in its purest form, the podcast aims to charge one’s mind with positivity and motivation to work towards your goals. From entrepreneurs to celebrities and well-known personalities such as Priyanka Chopra, Rajkumar Rao, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Saif Ali Khan, among many others have been featured as guests on the show.

12. Cyrus Broacha

A famous prankster and best known for his show on MTV known as Bakra, Cyrus Broacha is a theatre personality and has worked as a comedian, podcaster, columnist and author. He has hosted many cricket shows, and his fans loved him for his CNN-IBN performance called “The Week That Wasn’t”. He is now working as an editor and host of ESPNcricinfo Run order; a cricket analysis series aired bi-weekly featuring former cricket players like Hogg, Agarkar, Dravid, etc.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Cyrus says: Inimitable host Cyrus Broacha has launched his podcast with IVMpodcasts. His show Cyrus Says emphasizes urban India, food, traffic, civic sense, sports, politics, etc. Cyrus Says videos are aired for almost an hour, and his conversations with his guests about the latest juicy happenings make the show worth watching every time. Be it US elections or cuisines from various parts of India, Cyrus makes sure to cover everything in his podcast.

13. RJ Balaji

Commonly called as RJ Balaji, his real name is Balaji Patturaj is a renowned Radio jockey, director, comedian, actor and commentator based in Chennai. He made his debut in the entertainment industry through Radio Mirchi Coimbatore, with a three-hour morning show. His show named CrossTalk is quite famous among adults, and even people from across the geographical boundaries of India like to hear his show and download them.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Mind Voice: One of the famous Podcasts hosted by RJ Balaji focuses on the persuasion of negativity and humans’ frustration. He has been speaking and having a conversation with people about the pressing issues that everyone comes across in daily life and offers solutions to promote positivity. RJ Balaji has already been in the news for his trendy conversations through his shows, and he is hoping to touch many lives from his podcast.

14. Krishna Ram

Since his childhood, Krishna Ram was fascinated with megastructures and buildings, inclining him to pursue his career in Civil engineering and construction management. Apart from his keen interest in working for heavy infrastructure and urban transport, he loves to create content about things he is quite passionate about. Nowadays, apart from civil projects, he exhibits his thoughts for many web platforms.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Reinforced Engineers: The show is co-hosted by Krishna Ram, Gokul G Kumar, and Padmadip Joshi, who speak about their understanding of civil engineering and construction sector insights. Their shows aim at showing the reality in perspective for civil engineers. Video timings can range from 15 mins to an hour, depending upon the purpose of the podcast recorded.

Their views about the architectural and construction industry can help many people dig deep about the sector and how they can make their career or optimize them with real life solutions.

15. Amit Varma

Hailing from Mumbai, Amit Varma is a famous podcaster and a writer. He has made his contributions in The Observer, Guardian, Wall Street Journal and various Indian publications. While pursuing his career in journalism, he was honoured with the Bastiat prize in 2015 and 2007. He is the only journalist who has won this prize twice. Known for his much-acclaimed work for the blog named “India Uncut”, he was also included as 50 Most Powerful People 2009 in Business Week magazine.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

The Seen and the Unseen: The podcast owned and hosted by Amit Varma is aired every Sunday. The podcast focuses on the consequences of every action. The seen effects are known to everyone, and the unseen ones consist of ripple effects and unintended consequences. The podcast is primarily created to have a critic look upon the public policies and then take them ahead to dive deep through exclusive interviews. With more than 200 episodes and has more than 15,000 downloads, the podcast is gaining new heights and popularity.

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