Man, although the smartest creature to walk on earth, is by far the laziest creature out here walking on this planet. The sloths would be put to shame if they knew the amount of effort and ingenuity we put to make better ways to rest our limbs from the excruciating pain of….reading? Back in 1980, one meme sensation firmly believed that we would have flying cars by the time the calendar had rolled to 2021.

However, in 2021, we have audible books or series that are best known as podcasts. So, on a stretched etymological scale (thank you Plato- a big salute from the nerd fraternity), we could easily concur that man went from listening to stories to transcribing them on paper. This further went on having them serialized for movie theatres, then television screens, and has now come a full circle to listening to them back again without having to strain our eyes for the same.

Podcasts, although originating from the U.S. have deeply impacted the European culture and its people and as time rolls by, the frenzy for podcasts in European countries starts leveling with the American states!

That’s the magic of the podcasts!

However, have you ever wondered if the podcast is the magic, who is the magician? Right, of course, the podcaster or the podcast host. We mostly know podcasts by their names but when we do hear them, is it the words that read themselves out? It’s the podcaster in all his (or her, whichever you prefer) elegance pouring his soul into what you listen to.

Since not much light is shed on these incredible individuals that are the engine of the powerful podcasts, I am here to help. If you’re a Brit, you’ll better hook to podcasts hosted by somebody with your own accent; same goes if you are an Argentinian (just a general fact!). So, below is a list of the top 20 European podcasters stealing away all the limelight in 2021 and which of their podcasts you should listen to that will drive your soul.

1. Sebastian Payne

Payne is a British journalist who writes on British politics for the Financial Times. Also a Whitehall Correspondent for the FT, Sebastian Payne was previously a political leader, writer, and digital opinion editor.

Before gaining all the fame as an FT correspondent and journalist, he worked as a reporter and editor for The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator. Having been appointed the Whitehall correspondent in 2019, Payne now specializes in Conservative Party, Brexit, and foreign policy.

Known as one of the most influential British journalists and named under the most impactful journalists in London, Payne is a regular appearance on the BBC and Sky News. He also writes a fortnightly political opinion column and hosts the European political podcast Payne’s Politics every week.

What Podcast To Listen To:

Payne’s Politics: Presenting a rounded perspective on the zeitgeist, British politics, and all that’s politics, Payne’s Politics is a podcast where Sebastian takes you into the corridors of power, while gradually unfolding, analyzing an debating on British politics with zeal, humor, and a team of correspondents and commentators that aren’t just informed but fantastic at their job. The show incorporates the most relevant sound bites and British news with a wry and interesting outlook on UK politics.

2. M. Van den Eynde

Manuel Van den Eynde is a popular podcast host of the show Random History of Belgium. Although not much information is available about him publicly, we do definitely know that he has a nice dry sense of humor and curiosity to bring the audience something worth listening to that isn’t just bleak history but intriguing and important connections. He provides an internal, random, and relevant history of Belgium without showing any hints of nationalism, working through many stories and narrating them to you in his own immersive tone and style.

What Podcast To Listen To

Random History of Belgium: If you are somebody who, although hails from Belgium but knows distressingly less about its history, this podcast is made right out of heaven for you. Presented in a non-chronological order, Random History of Belgium is all that it sounds like – a well researched and articulately delivered series of audio stories that are put forth in their proper historical context.

It’s wonderfully entertaining, and Manuel, the host always has a passion to pick out a topic that is the most infectious and joyful to talk about. If you had always wanted to know Belgium in all its glorious history (8something that is often neglected by English language culture media), then it is serendipity to stumble across this podcast. (thank me, later!)

3. Karl Morris

Europe’s leading Performance Mind Coach, Kar Morris is an individual that can help improve your capabilities to your imagined abilities. He aims to deliver cutting edge methods of peak performance to his clients that are diversified from being sportsmen to businessmen.

In his podcast The Brainbooster, Morris helps his audience boost their cognitive capabilities and provides opinions that are backed by facts so you know he isn’t bluffing when it comes to some surprising revelation about the human brain.

What Podcast To Listen To

The Brainbooster: Andrew Murray and Karl Morris’ fireside reflections and strategies in the podcast The Brainbooster help you achieve success by molding your thoughts into ACTION and then falling back to see how the changes occur.

The podcast interviews people that have a knack for their profession and absolutely love what they are doing in their area of expertise. However, if you aren’t a golfer, this podcast is STILL FOR YOU, because it isn’t just enlightening but also pulls together deeper insights from all places with the coherent purpose of helping the audience develop their mind better, do better and even be better.

4. David Runciman

Runciman, the 4th Viscount Runciman of Doxford FBA is a history and polity teacher at Cambridge who has also authored some popular books under his name. Beginning to write in 1996, Runciman now has six published books including The Politics of Good Intentions: History, Fear, and Hypocrisy in the New World Order. Runciman, 2015 started a podcast called Talking Politics with professor Helen Thompson, and now concurrently hosts the same show with Catherine Carr.

What Podcast To Listen To

Talking Politics: One of the strongest UK politics podcasts, Talking Politics is a show that makes news more unpredictable, alarming, and interesting. The podcast interviews influential people around the ideas and events that mold our world and our existence. The podcasters do not refrain from asking questions like ‘will democracy survive?’ ‘how crazy can it get before we get there?’ to bring political conversations that matter.

The podcast gives a great analysis of all the probable outcomes of any raging political issue in Britain and the consistently fascinating discussions offer a nuanced perspective on current events so that the listeners can both delve into the issue at hand and also keep looking at the wider context.

5.   Lucia Klestincova

Passionate about the ‘technology of transformation’ Lucia Klesincova is a career coach and advocate for women empowerment who strongly believes in and supports motive-driven management. Known via feminine leadership, Lucia is an EU aficionado and the EU policymaker who also works at the European Commission on industrial policy and Brexit.

After standing in the 2019 European Parliament elections, Lucia had the wonderful idea of starting a podcast that made the people aware of the mindset that it takes for bringing positive and noticeable changes in the world through politics while also bridging the general public to the influential and inspiring political leaders.

What Podcast To Listen To

Lights on Europe: A podcast made for all the Europeans, coming right from the EU’s heart, Light on Europe is all about heart-opening conversations and motivational interviews that you can look up to from the leaders and experts from Europe.

Focusing on European integration, the ‘WHO’ and ‘HOW of the story is what makes it inspiring and conversational at the same time. Hosted by none other than Lucia Klestincova, the EU policymaker and former politician, Lights on Europe is the podcast for you if you’re a coaching junkie or an EU aficionado!

6. Aleksandar Brezar

Aleksandar Brezar is a Media editor of BHRT, and he previously worked as Radio 202’s journalist. Brezar also writes for Analiziraj, Mediacentar, Massachusetts Review, and Balkanist. The talented and intellectual man that he is, Aleksandar’s translations have also been published in Brooklyn Rail, Review Massachusetts, and Asymptote. Brezar is a recipient of 2 European awards for Preservation of Cultural Heritage Europa Nostra 2016, and he is also the recipient of Jules Chametzky award.

What Podcast To Listen To

Sarajevo Calling: A podcast that tells you all about the affairs of Southeast Europe, Sarajevo Calling focuses on Western Balkans’ contemporary politics. Aleksandar Brezar hosts the show along with Jasmin Mujanović and the podcast releases new episodes every two weeks.

7. Deborah Frances

A corporate speaker, screenwriter, podcaster, and a stand-up comedian, Deborah Frances-White is a woman with plenty of talent who can also be seen in Have I Got News For You. Deborah’s voice can be heard on The Guilty Feminist, which is an incredible podcast on true feminism and she has also written Say My Name, a Hollywood movie. Frances is based in London, and as a speaker, she delivers corporate seminars on various subjects including inclusion, diversity, and charisma.

What Podcast To Listen To

The Guilty Feminists: A rib-tickling feminist podcast that takes you on a ridiculously funny journey with host Deborah Frances-White and guests, The Guilty Feminists is all about discussing topics that revolve around feminism. From confessions of their fears, and insecurities to discussing the hardships of life, the guests talk about it all, and The Guilty Feminist really makes for an unexpectedly refreshing podcast.

8. Rick Steves

Rick Steves is a personality who plays an integral role in inspiring Americans to visit Europe to have fun, stay at affordable places, and experience the cultures and adventures of the continent. Rick is also the producer of a public radio shew, a best-selling guide series, a syndicated travel column, a famous public television show, and all the information that you need about travel through This is not the end of it as Steves runs an annual small-group tour program wherein he takes around 30,000 people to Europe.

What Podcast To Listen To

Travel With Rick Steves: Travel with Rick Steves is a podcast where Rick takes the stage and has one-hour long conversations with the guests as he talks to them about travel, people, things they do while travelling, different cultures, and much more. Travel is what adds that glitter to life and Travel with Rick Steves is all about highlighting these adventures.

9. Sophia Christina Amoruso

Sophia Christina Amoruso is an American businesswoman who is also the founder of Nasty Gal. Nasty Gal is a retail store that has everything related to women’s fashion, and as per Inc. Magazine, it was one of the fastest-growing companies in 2012. Forbes also named Sophia as one of the richest self-made women in the world in 2016, and that clearly tells us how Sophia has worked wonders to achieve so much in life. Amoruso is also the brain behind Girlboss Media, which is a company that develops content which pushes women to do the best of themselves in terms of both their professional as well as personal life.

What Podcast To Listen To

Girlboss: Take a seat with popcorn in one hand and a drink in the other while host Sophia Christina Amoruso takes you on a beautiful journey where she has a heart to heart conversations with innovative and visionary women. Girlboss is a podcast where these women have deep and honest conversations about life, creating a successful career, growing a business, hopping across uncomfortable life scenarios, and simply moving ahead. You should be expecting humour, vulnerability, and motivational tips and tricks for women in this podcast.

10. David McWilliams

A broadcaster, documentary-maker, journalist, author, and economist (phew, that was a lot for one person), David McWilliams is the School of Business Trinity College Dublin’s Adjunct Professor of Global Economics. Ranked as the 10th most influential economist in the world, David has made efforts to make economics a subject which is available to everyone and can be grasped easily.

David is also very active on social media, and he writes for the weekly economics column of Irish Times. McWilliams is a man who evolves with time, and he keeps using new and unique ways to explain the economic world. The man has also written four best-selling books, and he writes in a way that complex theories of economics get understood by anyone. David is not only intellectual, but he is also quite funny.

What Podcast To Listen To

The David McWilliams Podcast: With an aim to make economics accessible for all, and easy to understand, The David McWilliams Podcast is all about understanding economics. The world is full of podcasts that talk about politics, lifestyle, and everything else, but economics is one of the topics which should be talked about but have never come under the spotlight. Each week, one complicated topic related to economics is picked, and David talks about it with a mission to make it easier to understand.

11. David Walliams

David Walliams is a brilliant author whose books have been published in more than fifty-three languages. Walliams has sold more than thirty-five million copies all across the world, and he’s also the biggest selling author of children’s books. So he’s basically a hit among the kids, and that’s just not it. Many of David’s books have also won the National Book Awards for Children’s Book of the Year.

What Podcast To Listen To

Marvellous Musical Podcast: Known as one of the greatest podcasts, Marvellous Musical Podcast is a package of a humorous, educational, and unique podcast. This podcast is made for kids, and it is hosted by David Walliams, where he tells the kids all about classical music. In addition to all the fun that comes with every episode of the show, the podcast also comes with a few fun quizzes that act as a cherry on the cake. Unique and riveting stories of composers are discussed on the show, and it is simply amazing.

12. Dolly Alderton

Dolly Alderton is a podcast host, journalist, and author. Dolly is the author of Everything I Know About Love, which is the Sunday Times best-selling memoir and which is also the winner of a National Book Award. As a freelance writer, Alderton has written for several prestigious papers and magazines such as Elle, Man Repeller, Spectator, The Evening Standard, ES Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Marie Claire, The Sunday Times, and GQ, among many others. Not only that, Dolly has a long line of achievements and ventures up her sleeves, and this incredible woman is only growing with every passing day.

What Podcast To Listen To

The High Low: Hosted by Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, The High Low is a podcast where these women talk about everything related to news and pop-culture. The podcast is being garnered with all the love and hype as it doesn’t fail to shower everyone with the latest news and everything happening around the world in a very witty and natural manner. From books and journalism to all about lifestyle, pop-culture and more, the hosts touch all of these topics and make worthy recommendations.

13. Marilyn Ball

Marilyn Ball is simply a gorgeous travel enthusiast who keeps talking about great travel stories and believes that travelling is what opens up our hearts and minds. Ball believes that travel is what keeps you alive and that listening to wanderers about their lives just makes your day better. Marilyn is not only a travel geek, but she is also a successful woman and a pretty lady who knows exactly what she’s talking about.

What Podcast To Listen To

Speaking of Travel: Speaking of Travel is a podcast where host Marilyn Ball takes you in a dreamy world as she talks about inspiring and drool-worthy travel experiences. The podcast aims to make listeners realise the importance of travelling and exploring new places in one’s life. The guests share their experiences and tell us all about the incredible adventures that they hopped on. From discovering new places to relishing mouth-watering cuisines from all across the world, Speaking of Travel takes you through it all. What is the best part of this podcast? It is that you can just travel to different places in your head while you listen to it, and you won’t require a passport.

14. Zane  Lamprey

Zane Lamprey is an animal rescuer, entrepreneur, artist, television host, and comedian who has been making the audience laugh using his funny bones ok shows such as Drinking Made Easy, and Three Sheets. The man is full of humour, and he has been awarded the Man of the Year trophy by the board of Craft Beer Marketing Awards as he contributed to the world craft beer or maybe for consuming it in an amount that only he can.

What Podcast To Listen To

Zack Lamprey’s Drinking Made Easy: A podcast where host Zane Lamprey, a world traveller and comedian along with Steve Mckenna, sho is a mascot a stunt drinker takes you on a crazy fun ride where they show you the behind the scenes and tell you stories, have a laugh, share trivia, and move onto the Six Pack Challenge. Zack Lamprey’s Drinking Made Easy is simply a wonderful podcast that is all about drinking, fun, and games.

15. Dr. Andréa Paige

Dr. Andréa Paige is a master of lifestyle medicine by profession and a woman who loves to travel the world while she empowers people wherever she goes. Dr. Paige aims to motivate people to take their health seriously and work on it. She is also a yoga trainer, and it is said that people who live around her feel alive. Andréa is the founder of Microbiome Think Tank, which is a Yoga Graduate School.

What Podcast To Listen To

Vitality: Go on a journey to discover the hacks, and new things about the human body as Dr. Andréa Paige talks about childhood trauma, poop, fasting & food, emotional intelligence, sex, and all such fascinating topics that are never discussed in school. Vitality podcast is all about discussing topics that you never talk about in your daily lives and sit as the host travels across 7 continents with an aim to find impactful and charming humans for the listeners.

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