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Top 20 podcasters to follow in the US

Every now and then I switch from books to podcasts. Why, you ask? Well let's be honest for a second, there are high chances...

Top 15 Podcasters to follow in Europe

Man, although the smartest creature to walk on earth, is by far the laziest creature out here walking on this planet. The sloths would...

Top 20 Global Podcasters To Follow Right Now

Deep words, audio episodes, a variety of niches, and a great amount of listenership- this is what podcasts are about, in a nutshell. However,...

Top 15 Podcasters to follow in UK

Apart from the vintage U.K. vibes, the black umbrella, the thundering rain, and a whole lot of fancy raincoats, the U.K. is known for...

Top 15 Podcasters to Follow in India

Times have changed and India has evolved in ways one could never imagine. From social media, values, culture, and style, to catch up on...

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